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New Mac OS X installer for txt2tags

Txt2tags was included into Rudix, a collection of ready-to-use Unix/Linux software for the Mac. Each software is packaged with the default Mac installer, so you just have to press the "Continue" button a few times and it's done. No need to install a subsystem like Fink or DarwinPorts.

Remember …

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Posted Mon 04 September 2006 by aurelio in Project

Quit your text processor

Are you a writer? What about not using a text processor to write your text? Read on, I promise it will make sense :)

There's a nice article about text-only writing at Linux.com. Three tools are mentioned to substitute the big memory-hungry Office processor:

  • A text editor - Vi
  • A formatting …

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Posted Fri 25 August 2006 by aurelio in Media

New translations: Swedish and Chinese

The txt2tags Team continues to grow. New contributors have spent their spare time helping to improve the program documentation. A big WELCOME to the newcomers!

  • Per Erik Strandberg translated the Sample file to Swedish.
  • wfifi translated the program messages (potfile) to Chinese.
  • Nicolas Dumoulin revised the User Guide's French translation …

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Posted Thu 10 August 2006 by aurelio in Translations

Minor version 2.3.2 released

Summary: New commented block mark and several bug fixes.

This release introduces a new mark for commented blocks: %%%. The syntax is similar to the Verbatim and Raw blocks, using the same mark to open and close the block. Kudos to Leo Rosa for sending the patch!

    This is a paragraph …

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Posted Wed 09 August 2006 by aurelio in Releases

Minor version 2.3.1 released

After more than a year of silence, there is a new txt2tags version out!

It's a minor release, mostly related to the Style option (--style or %!style). Now you can specify two or more CSS files for an HTML/XHTML page, or modules for LaTeX. Example:

    txt2tags -t html --style …

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Posted Thu 27 July 2006 by aurelio in Releases

New "Release Early" Policy

I've always waited until many new features and bug fixes were done to then release a new version of txt2tags. The more changes, the better.

But experience show me that preparing big releases is a time consuming task, and it takes even longer when the period between versions becomes large …

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Posted Thu 27 July 2006 by aurelio in Project

5 years of txt2tags

At July 26, 2001 the txt2tags version 0.1 was released.

It had six targets (txt, html, sgml, pm6, mgp, moin), command line was the only interface (with just one option -t), a few supported structures and marks, no translations, poor documentation, a dozen users, 461 lines of code.

Today …

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Posted Wed 26 July 2006 by aurelio in Project

Blog? Blog.

Hi there.

This is the new place to stay in touch with the latest news about the txt2tags project. Releases, files, documents, translations, site updates.

The good old do-it-yourself news/RSS by hand worked until today, but using a Blog system like WordPress, we get some advantages:

  • Feeds (RSS) with …

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Posted Wed 26 July 2006 by aurelio in Project