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Minor version 2.3.1 released

After more than a year of silence, there is a new txt2tags version out!

It's a minor release, mostly related to the Style option (--style or %!style). Now you can specify two or more CSS files for an HTML/XHTML page, or modules for LaTeX. Example:

    txt2tags -t html --style main.css --style fancy.css site.t2t

The --css-inside option was also improved to support multiple files and now warns when the CSS file is not found.

    <!-- Included main.css -->
    <STYLE TYPE="text/css">

    <!-- CSS include failed for fancy.css -->

A very ancient bug was fixed. It was introduced on version 0.7 (from 2002!) and remained unnoticed until recently. The automatic adding of protocol (like http://) was not working for uppercased URLs.

    $ echo -e "\\nWWW.FOO.COM" | txt2tags-2.3 -o- -H -t html -

    $ echo -e "\\nWWW.FOO.COM" | txt2tags-2.3.1 -o- -H -t html -
    <A HREF="http://WWW.FOO.COM">WWW.FOO.COM</A>

Since nobody noticed the bug before, this fix is invisible :)

Get the new code at the download page, under the Minor Releases section.

Posted Thu 27 July 2006 by aurelio in Releases