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New tool for webmasters: gensite

I know, you have a beautiful website that rocks the neighborhood. The styles are all separated in nice CSS files. The contents are text files that you convert to HTML with txt2tags, of course!

It works just fine.

But everytime you edit some file, you have to remember to convert it to HTML. And maybe you also have to copy this updated file to your web server.

For just a few files you can do it by hand every time. But as the site grows, it's easy to lose control.

Enter Dave Fancella's gensite tool. It's a Python program that detects which files has been modified and automatically converts them with txt2tags. It can also copy the generated HTML files to a new destination. You can use command line options and even create a configuration file to fit your conversion needs.

Go to Dave's site for detailed information on WHY and HOW. Oh, and yes, his site is txt2tags powered :)

Posted Tue 22 January 2008 by aurelio in Tools