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Guide: Static sites with txt2tags

Demian Neidetcher wrote on the txt2tags site to tell us about a nice guide he has made:

I love what you guys have done. I decided to re-do my site and came across this. I did a write-up on my site that explains the process I used with txt2tags.

Check out his Static Site Creation Guide, featuring detailed tips on how to use txt2tags, m4 and make to create and maintain a full website.


I have developed websites in Python (CGI and Django), PHP, Perl, .NET, Java (Struts, WebWork, Java Server Faces) and finally Ruby on Rails. However, I don't always have the need to do a full-blown, database backed website that uses a complicated framework. Sometimes simple HTML will suffice.

Finally I can focus on content without having to resort to a WYSIWYG tool and still get nicely formatted pages.


Update: Check out David's Spanish translation for this guide.

Posted Tue 01 May 2007 by aurelio in Documentation