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Author: aurelio

Wixi - A desktop wiki powered by txt2tags

You know what is a wiki, right? It's a collaborative website where visitors can read and change its contents. Think Wikipedia.

What you may don't know is that the wiki concept can be brought to your own computer, running as a nice standalone application. Then you can easily edit multiple …

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Posted Sat 03 February 2007 by aurelio in Tools

Txt2tags Web Editor

Let's start 2007 with good news!

David Area from Spain brings us the brand new Txt2tags Web Editor.

Web Editor

It's a web editor for txt2tags files, similar to editors found in phpBB forums. You write your text on the box and use the special buttons on the left to add formatting …

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Posted Thu 25 January 2007 by aurelio in Tools

Xmas Charity

HAPPY HOLIDAYS for all you nice txt2tags users.

Without your kind words, energy, comments, ideas, code and bug reports, we would never leave the 0.x series... With your help, today txt2tags is a five years old stable mature program. Thanks!

Now take a minute to think with me.

  • For …

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Posted Wed 20 December 2006 by aurelio in Project

ktxt2tags KDE front-end

Our French friend Nicolas Dumoulin has made a KDE front-end for txt2tags. If you're on the penguin side of the force and prefer green dragons to bare feet, you should try this out!

Update: ktxt2tags now can run using QT libs, so you can use it on Linux, Windows and …

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Posted Mon 13 November 2006 by aurelio in Tools