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Xmas Charity

HAPPY HOLIDAYS for all you nice txt2tags users.

Without your kind words, energy, comments, ideas, code and bug reports, we would never leave the 0.x series... With your help, today txt2tags is a five years old stable mature program. Thanks!

Now take a minute to think with me.

  • For how long do you use txt2tags?
  • How many hours of boring markup typing it has saved you?
  • It's good to write a Man Page without messing with TROFF, isn't it?
  • Remember the endless LaTeX escaping nightmares?
  • And your cool website, all powered by sexy text files?

Yes, txt2tags keeps you sane and saves your precious time.

In this Christmas, how about to give something back, making a little donation to the project?

Support the Free Software/Open Source model, support the people.

Posted Wed 20 December 2006 by aurelio in Project