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5 years of txt2tags

At July 26, 2001 the txt2tags version 0.1 was released.

It had six targets (txt, html, sgml, pm6, mgp, moin), command line was the only interface (with just one option -t), a few supported structures and marks, no translations, poor documentation, a dozen users, 461 lines of code.

Today its code is 10 times bigger, we have many options and features, translations to 10+ languages, extensive documentation, a great world-wide user base and a nice team of contributors.

I'm happy to notice that even getting this far, txt2tags continues to honor its very first and most important goal: be simple. The markup keeps being easy and minimalist. The advanced features are available if you need them, but aren't required for the daily use.

The program also entered on a mature stage. The latest version was released about a year ago and no important bugs were found on this period. In this case, no news is good news :)

But wait, news are coming soon. Hold your breath for the next posts.

Thanks everybody for your support on my little project for all these years. Let's hope in 2011 I can write a post called "10 years and we're still here" :)

Posted Wed 26 July 2006 by aurelio in Project